Quadency is a cryptocurrency trading terminal. It is used to trade on all major exchanges with advanced trading tools, strategy automation bots and rich analytics.

Dash tweeted:  “Want to learn how to trade DASH on Quadency, an all-in-one crypto trading platform with trading bots?” Full Interview is available online.

Trading automation is a growing trend.  Quadency have been putting a lot of efforts in to trading automation platforms.  They have been doing a lot in connection with management, trading, and automation as a multi-exchange crypto trading and automation platform.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Dash and other cryptocurrencies are becoming busy doing lot of automation to help their users reap more profits. Focus shifting from usage to profits.”

Dash Talk with Quadency  

Quadency is already on the Dash Fast Pass Network.  They are an advanced crypto trading terminal.  In the recent Dash Talks, Manish Clarifies on what Advanced Trading Tools like bots are as it is something that many are not familiar with.

Manish recalls a super fragmented industry like the exchanges, Defi, and the investors rushing up to staking and all sorts.  He stated, how they wanted to fix it and make the experience better. Quadency focused on putting institution grade tech in to the hands of retail investors by giving them access to portfolio, analytics, and other details irrespective of which exchange they wanted to trade on.

He also stated that Quadency have not partnered with many major exchanges out there. These relationships have made it possible for Quadency users to access all of their professional trading tools including bots for free.

In this Bot automation space, we have seen unfortunately lot of false promises snake oil out there, states Manish.  Again, he recalled on how their relationship with the exchanges helped them build trust. And, one of the partnerships to build trust he stated were Dash Fast Pass partnerships.

He also walked through the process of Quadency and making that happen basically. Technically, he stated to start off, users need to have an account in one of the exchanges. They are also making it easy to open one of these accounts from Quadency.

He states how several traders come to them and say, I don’t care where I trade, I just want to use Quadency Tools and they have made it easier to open accounts in one of the exchanges.  And if the users already have an account in one of the exchanges, he states, it is easy for them to use as well.

The interview between Amanda and Manish covers several other details like how to use quadency trading tools, automated tools, future plans and on whether it is paid or free to use.



This article was originally published on The Cryptocurrency Analytics