• The crypto currencyexchange and OTC trading desk PagCripto has integrated DASH.
  • PagCripto has also partnered with Dash Dinheiro Digital to promote DASH in Brazil.

PagCripto was founded in February last year with the mission to make it as easy as possible for companies to implement a connection to the crypto currency market. The service offered allows merchants of any size and any volume of sales to easily accept crypto currencies such as DASH or Monero and immediately convert the amount into Fiat money to avoid exchange rate risks.

PagCripto offers multiple security features and stores more than 90 percent of its customers’ funds in cold wallets. In addition, multi-signature wallets are used and regular real-time audits are performed. In addition, users can benefit from discounts the more transactions they perform on the platform.

DASH expands global presence and aims to increase liquidity

The cooperation between DASH and PagCripto will increase the awareness of DASH in Brazil and further advance the adaptation. Recently, Cointrade.cx added DASH to its exchange, including InstandSend, which sends transactions in real time. During the last quarter, NovaDAX integrated DASH on the exchange, expanding its proprietary portfolio.

Another Brazilian exchange, Kamoney, also integrated DASH and also offers the purchase of gift certificates with DASH. In addition, everyday bills can be paid with DASH using Kamoney as a middleman. Other exchanges that have DASH integrated are 3xbit, Coinbene and XDEX.

The team around DASH has set itself the goal of further expanding both the liquidity and availability of DASH through cooperation with stock exchanges and trading service providers, so that traders and consumers can use DASH easily and quickly.

Functions such as InstantSend and ChainLocks should enable all players to hedge their capital more quickly in order to compensate for price fluctuations. In addition, ChainLocks make DASH immune to 51% attacks, effectively increasing network security. Amanda B. Johnson explained in a recent video:

It’s an exceedingly simply solution that’s able to be deployed on Dash because of it’s two-tier system — that is, the mining network and the masternode network.

Further information on how ChainLocks works in detail can be found on the DASH blog.

Recently Dash Mexico announced a cooperation with Cubobit to launch a new remittance platform called “RemeZaza”. This should enable users to send transactions to and from Mexico within a few minutes. According to the official report, transfers should be confirmed and processed within 5 minutes.

Privacy coins are a thorn in the side of governments and financial authorities worldwide

As we already reported, the BitBay exchange removed Monero from its portfolio a few days ago, as the anonymity functions of the crypto currency could be used to launder money and finance criminal activities. BitBay further states that they must follow the market standard to ensure the security of their users.

In September of this year, OKEx removed privacy coins such as Monero, DASH, Zcash, Horizon and Super Bitcoin from the platform. These steps are necessary as new guidelines have entered into force this summer under the Financial Action Task Force.

The price of DASH has been on a downward trend for the last 24 hours (- 2.51%) and is at 51.42 USD at the time of writing.

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